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My Sanctuary
Steven's Call
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Steven's Call 
 Steven hummed along ; at first hesitatingly then  whole- heartedly. He loved the  angel hymn sung  at the end of the service. He liked it here; he told himself  and  was happy John brought him along to church . John his buddy ! 
 He recalled how he was  talked into it...
One evening , these two boys  were kicking a ball in the  school field when it rained.  They  darted to  the school canteen  to shelter from the rain. It was getting  dark and the rain got heavier . They didn't like to get soaking wet by running home.
Lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. The two boys huddled
 together for warmth and companionship.
It was then that steven noticed that John was the braver of the two:
He asked,  "   I can't understand it  John , I am not as brave as you are
and I'm from a poor family , more used  to be
exposed to the elements."
 " Because I have a friend with  me . "John jokingly  said.
Stev started looking everywhere . " Where 's your friend ,
 I don't see him ?"
John replied , " He's Jesus . He's inside my heart."
Steven  said , " I have heard a lot about him and I too  like to
 welcome Him to my heart ."
John said, " Go  to church with me and find out!"
And so  steven  went to church with  John that   Sunday .
 Everything was new to Steven ; the church , its marble floor,
 the beautifully carved cross , the polished silvers and clean
linens and  sweet  flowers . To a humble boy this was like heaven .
Yes , he loved to go to church on  Sunday . Besides  it's better
 than staying at home  doing the chores.
So every Sunday saw John and Steven at the church;
One day , came  turning point of Steven's life !  There was an  intake of good  Christian boys to become priests  should any of them have  the call . Steven's parents thought  it  a good idea to let Steven get in so as not to be burdened with his education  and looking for a job later on . And  Steven appied and was accepted and  started his life as a seminarian .
As expected  he did well and was finally ordained priest .
Steven was a good  priest . He liked to help people and could
put up with the worst conditions  anywhere at  the out- station
 churches . He was tiredless in spreading the faith .
 John remained his best  friend  through out his life.
God’s Call is mysterious and unexpected. In fact Jesus chose his first apostles not from the learned or the rich but the poor and weak fishermen of his time.  What is needed is that one should listen to God’s call and respond to it positively. The voice of God can be heard in the silence of the heart; when one gives Him a chance to talk.  In this story Jesus who dwelt in the silence of John’s heart was calling Stephen who responded by following John to church. He wasn't  frightened to take a new step in his life. <o:p></o:p>So one need not be afraid but to be sure that whatever she or he is called to do so or however difficult it may seem, if the Lord is calling, He will give the help and graces necessary to follow him.
And Jesus said unto them, Come yee after me, and
 I will make you to become of men.     Mark 17-18