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My Sanctuary
Tall Grass
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The Grass in the Meadow


The meadow grass  is  tall now, oh so tall!
Let's roam through it,turning somersaults as we go .
Hand in hand, pace by pace,
our wee feet tread the green of spring.

Forget about the thorns or prickly leaves !
Let's hide and seek in its leafy cover;
With buttercups round us,
palm trees above,tall and straight,
sweet jasmines among the wattle .
We pull the lilies and daisies,
hunt the butterflies and watch
where cute grasshoppers hop,
enticed by fresh dews' gleam.

The meadow grass is  tall now, oh so tall!
Over the meadow, our fair feet skim.
We watch where squirrels hide their nuts
or catch the tails of dragon-flies.
Will not that rabbit hide from eagles'
keen eyes, to survive another day ?
Our childish mind, so protective of the weak !

The grass of the meadow's tall now, oh so tall!
Where're the boy and girl who once roamed
its buxom, innocent and care free?
The wavy tall grass reply not the question
for it too, has turned yellow, crunchy,dried
and grow again.


Agatha Lai 08.02.04