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My Sanctuary
The Living Bread
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In the  Gospel, we read that Christ is the living bread which has come down from Heaven . We must be thankful to God for giving us his only son to be  our saviour.  Jesus is God who became man  .He was fully man and fully God. Very God and yet very man. He walked on earth and became one of us. He ate, drank and had human feelings like us. But he performed miracles which prove that he is God..  
 Christ was the most perfect human being that ever walked on earth He arrived amidst songs of praise . The heavenly host broke into their praise of " Glory to God in the highest." Now in every Holy Mass celebration we praise  him by singing or  praying this special song of " Glory to God in the highest."        
 Jesus walked through the dusty roads of Palestine amidst the chorus of praises. Even his enemies couldn't help but admire his intelligence when he answered cleverly to their cunning questions which were meant to trap him.     
 The good news is that Jesus saves. He became man to save us us  from a world that is full of sins and pitfalls for the weak minded. Through  him we can reach eternal life if we receive the "living bread" in our daily life. We receive him through the Holy communion in the house of God, that is our church.   
 And yet we are not worthy of this special attention and privilege. We spoil it all by indulging in our human failings .Most of us are greedy , temperamental, selfish, vain and worldly minded. We put ourselves before loving God. Time and again God forgive us and we won't forgive  our fellow men .  In  our daily  reading , we are always reminded that God 's love for us knows no bounds. we must bear in mind of  the many chances we are given to get to him and remain in his grace.                                                                                                                                                             
Agatha Lai  2001


In the valley  where I wander
I sometimes have a glimpse of heaven
It's so beautiful, a place of saints and angels
of sun that does not set, rivers do not flood
where there's no wars , no famine and no tears
People are cordial and call each other, my dear.
where babies and old folks are well taken care of
There's the place I can dream , is it not ?
To be there at heaven , what is the right path ?
Do sinners repent and not endure hell's wrath.
Do they enter heaven or not ?
Or do they go straight to hell .
When we are at the valley beneath.
When we are dead , they gives us beautiful wreath.
When will we go to heaven , a garden of flowers
Will we see God , the angels and all the sowers