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Tip of Borneo Trip

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Our place is real beautiful ! Take a look.

The Trip to the  Tip Of Borneo
Sin Choon and Nancy , our college mates  , told us they would come
 to Kudat and asked us to get them prawns , fish , fish meat and egg
rolls to bring back to Kota Kinabalu  and we gladly obliged.
It's holiday time and it's Harvest Festivals , so  most of the hotels
here were  fully booked. so was  the famous Marina Hotel - course , 
as it is  the most luxurious  hotel  in Kudat ,  so they
postponed their visit.
At last they drove  along to Kudat , all bright and breezy , and
 enjoyed their drive through green country scenary  .
This morning we met to eat  tau- foo and egg rolls   in a restaurant ,
the famous one in Kudat .
After a rather substantial breakfast , we set out in a borrowed
 four -wheel vehicle for the Tip  of Borneo , a place about  50 kilo
meters away from Kudat town .
We passed  through the green coconut estates , the rustic plank
  houses, schools  and reached  the untared gravel paths which
 wound its way  through kampung houses .
 At last we saw  the blue ocean from far and smelt  the salt
of the sea .
Like squirrels we scampered  down from our vehicle to stretch
 our legs . We looked down the rocky cliff and sighed a sigh of
satisfaction to see the crystal-clear water ,glimmering in the
 bright tropical sun . We could see the ocean  floor  and the marine life in it.
I  thought at first that we would  be satisfied just to admire the
 sea from above the cliff as the  descend seemed  to be steep and
risky . Then Nancy and her nephew were  already half
way down the cliff , standing casually there to look  up to us and
 smiled their  pleased smile.
Everyone started their awkward descend gingerly .
When I was the last one left on  top , my friends  all  asked me
not to miss the chance of a  marvelous walk on the stony platform
down there . So on four  , I crawled down trying not
to be so scared of the  heights on my descend.
At last I was down below and it was worth it , to be standing on
the big slab of flat rocks , with the  sea within reach. The sea
 water gently lapped  on the edge of the rocks , sometimes splashing
 sometimes still . We were thus brought close to the elements ; to
 see the sky and the sea merged in the  distance , with not a care in
the world. Some families were already in the water , taking their cool
morning  dip .
Without wasting any  time , we took picture after picture just to
show off the place and our trip to friends later on.
Our cameras kept clicking all the time to capture the place , the
scenes and the moments ;  while we poised here and there to be in
the pictures .
Since the sun was too warm for staying down below too long , we
  called it a day and started to  climb up again.
It was an enjoyable trip for  all of us . For lunch , we paid  the
restaurant to cook the fish, prawns  and shells  which we bought
 in the market that morning .
Agatha Lai



My husband and I at the beautiful Tip of Borneo on 5.6.03.