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My Sanctuary
Happy Valentine
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There is nothing like the morning,
before the sun is up, when the world is still half asleep,
you see in the distance a faint glow of the sun.
Birds begin to appear one by one.
Their twittering ,full of hope and happiness of a new day.

As if they are saying , what a nice day of the Lord !
Don't waste it on morbid thoughts !
All the  fatigue ,frustrations and worries of yesterday
Vanish ,at the break of dawn.
We feel rested ,at peace with the world and with ourselves,
after a good nights rest.
Sleep is said to be the balm of hurt minds .
Great nature's second course .
So live today to the fullest, treasure every minute.
Life is beautiful !
Enjoy your Valentine Day.
God loves you .


Spring Is Here!
Beside the trodden path, there lay a bush
of tiny  flowers. Insects buzz round them
to welcome spring, a world of blooms. A thrush
which flies by, dainty like a sparkling gem.
A violet near the bush appears today,
delights the wilderness with subtle hues.
Soon little boys and girls will come this way
to pick the berries, flowers, sip the dews.
And swallows fly to nests, they left  last year.
They weave in flight and fill the sky with sound.
The earth is turned to green. Yes, spring is here
and winter's long forgotten ! It's her, round.
The sun is rising calm and bright above
the oak tree, beaming down the world with love.