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My Sanctuary
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
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Tramp! Tramp! Tramp !
The boys are marching !
Through out the day;
Through out the night !
In the battle fields array.
The steady tramping of thousands
Are coming this way......
It goes on until their feet are weary !
And the drum beating slow .......
Suddenly ,  firing starts , more firing...
Firings drown the  tramping of their footsteps ..
Finally the tramping ceases when the bodies fall
To the ground ; to the pavement , to the streets
Back to  the soil where they belong !
The music played, sounds terrible
That frights the anxous hearts!
I see vultures gathering overhead !
I see  crosses on the graveyards!
I hate the wrongs I read about;
I hate the wrongs I see ! 
Tramp! tramp! tramp!
March the army of the Lord !
Through out the day; through out the night
In the battles of souls and sins .
The steady tramping of thousands are coming this way!
The cheers drown the tramping of their footsteps!
The tramping of this army sounds like music to me.
It goes on until their feet are weary !
The drum beating slow .....
Their weapon is the Bible .
Their swords are the Psalms.
They kill sins and trap snares .
They slay vanity and pride..
I hate the wrongs I read about;
I hate the wrongs I see !
Their stories are told and retold ...
In churches , sideways and streets...
The music is heavenly and soothes the anxious hearts!
I see angels hovering overhead!
I see the crosses in their hearts !
My brothers and sisters are in the marching parade!
My sons and daughters blow the trumpet!
Anyone likes to join in ....
You don't have to sign any documentary
You need to have faith and love ...
 Be proud to belong  to the army of the Lord !
Agatha Lai 12.04..03