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My Sanctuary
China Trip
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I climbed the Great Wall .


Recently, my family and I went on
a trip to China. We visited such places as
the Great Wall of China, the imperial palaces
and underground tombs of Peking, the great Lake 
and we also passed the Grand Canal on
 our bus journey to Nangking.

These are all massive man-made structures
built long ago before the use of modern
technology and science.

Such famous wonders of the world reflect
the supreme power of the emperors of China
in days of yore over their subjects.

However, if we are impressed by such
gigantic man-made structures , we should
marvel even more at God's creations .

Can anything be compared to the beautiful
sunrises and sunsets, the changing seasons,
the forests and wild animals and the
 rushing of waves to the shores?

Don't we all enjoy an occasional moonlit
stroll through streets illuminated by
the flickering shadows of trees along
the paths ?

What about the immensity of universe,
the fruits and the flowers mother nature
bring forth for men's consumption
and appreciation ?

On the contrary, hardly a day
passes without news of the occurrence
of natural disasters such as earth-quake ,
earth tremor, floods, landslides
filling us with fear for our beloved
planet, God's gift to mankind.

To add to our distress, there's war here
and there, social unrest and conflict
in almost any corner of the world.

Isn't God with us any more?
Or, is it another Noah and the Ark story?
This makes me realize that advance
though the modern technology men
cannot prevent the occurrence of
natural disasters.

Men may have reached the moon or landed
in Mars, still we are helpless creatures
very dependant on God's mercy and compassion .

We are but a speck of dust in the entire
universe and therefore must bow down
to the mighty work of God's creation.

That is why there is religion to
bring us closer to God.

If our ancestors , through ignorance,
worshipped the stone, the moon,
the lightning and thunder, now that we
 know about the existence of our creator,
 shouldn't we make haste to show
 our appreciation and love for Him ?

Indeed we should limit no conditions
our love for Him that created us.

I think we should pray that one day,
when our life here on earth is over,
we will have no fear about hell fire
or natural disasters
but be blissfully united to God in heaven.


Agatha Lai 2000

Published in Catholic Sabah