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My Sanctuary
Any Ice-cream?
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Any Ice-cream?
I  remember when we were young my mom used to say, "  May , Ray and Mee , clean the work shed for me tomorrow , I want to turn it into a store room . ...I'll buy  you ice cream later! "
 So we worked happily and our reward , the much needed ice-cream !
Ice cream, to  a child has an  irresistible  charm, and even to an adult ! Just to lick an ice cream stick on a hot day  sends  a coldness down your spine all the way  to the stomach and linger there for the whole warm  afternoon .  Moreover  there are so  many types of ice cream nowadays to cater for all tastes ;  such as ice cream with  vanilla  flavour ,  chocolate delight , straw berries and even durian flavour , my brother's favourite !
W e specially like those with cones  . It was a special treat from my mom for special occasions like Christmas , someone's birthday or when a visitor came  round.
 Can you imagine licking the ice; first working from the top , then the sides , slowly pressing the content down . Then you can relax , no dripping ice down your hand , eat slowly , at the same time nibble the cone bit by bit . Yes, ice cream for me anyday !.
Soon , our neighbourhood  expands , more kids are added to each family . It's a jolly place in the afternoon when all gather to play , to kick the ball or to linger around ...with no aim ..
Sometimes I feel like doing something for organize a quiz..or language games such as ..the winds blow..blow what ....blow all the kids with red shirts ..all the girls with no shoes..and so on... .
My favourite game  is , ' I  spy with my little eyes something beginning with..A..M...C..D.... " the spelling game .
After all the fun, I  always end the day with  a treat of ice-cream or  banana bean soup..But  as expected,  their favourite   is, of , course, ice- cream !
Sooner or later , the kids come to expect  such treat after any group activities that I organise . Sometimes I even suspect the real fun of this activity . I seem to see the lost look in their eyes when one day such games end and there's no ice- cream !
In the month of rosary , I write devotionals , say my rosary , and visit the elderly and the sick.
Night comes see me kneeling infront of my bed , facing the window praying .
Some stars twinkle outside the dark sky .I  muse to myself,  Mother  Mary ,I  have been good today, any ice cream ? "
Agatha Lai  14.05.03

That's all for today . Tomorrow I'll be back to be with you all.