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My Sanctuary
My Diary/Today
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My Diary                

Today , I don't write poems
but cook a special meal for the family .
After meal , I go and look at the
rabbits at my backyard.
I give them some carrots freshly
plucked and watch them
nibble away ! nibble away !

Then I water the flowers and
rearrange the flower pots.

Some will need more sunshine now
While others retire to the shades .
I'll do the same next week .
Thus all flowers will have their share
of sunshine and rain. 

Looking around , I see some ripe
star fruits dangling on the tree so
I pluck them to store in the freeze .

After the chores , I go for a stroll
as usual, an evening stroll.

Those flowery shrubs along the way
The tall trees sway gently
in the breeze
The homeward bound birds
The sunset,its glory; are
food for my soul,
the songs of joy,
my inspirations and
my instruments of peace.

                God, You created all these
for our enjoyment!
Indeed I praise your name!

So it is that everyday I can
see Your Love for us

In every tree, every flower,
sunset and sunrise
Endless list... 

All are, evidence of that great heart ,
the mighty heart, mighty brain and
boundless energy of Our Creator.

So I go back to my room, my desk
and write my poems in praise
of Him before I go to sleep .


Oh, God I woke up this morning, the
first thing I saw was the sun. God
thank you for making the sunshine.
It brings us so many happy sunny days.

Today,I want to see you in the sunny
weather . I want to feel your warmth.

I must not forget to smell the flowers
as well .

That horrid neighbour who always yells
at her children I try not feel so
irritated by her. I promise I have
a smile for her should she come
round with stories of her daily woe.

I will tend to my neglected vegetable
garden and pluck the weeds to let the
vegetables grow . Hopefully soon we'll
have some meals that are free from
insecticide or artificial fertilizers.

Today, I am going to read my Bible and
not just poems .If I do read a lot of
poems, it's because, I want to try to
write a good one to praise you, God .

Last of all God, I thank you for this
beautifil day ,today.

Agatha Lai