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My Sanctuary
On Blessings
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On Blessings

I know if I start counting all the blessings ; theyll all be stories worth repeating . However I dont want to finish my story all in one day . I dont want to leave other days without a story to tell . I am like a miser guarding all my stories of blessings and will only release them one by one . So today I will concentrate on one blessing that pops into my mind and which affects me a great deal in a way . .It doesnt mean that it is more important than the other blessings or less important .

I am very blessed that I can feel such a great attraction for the words of God . It brings to me an inner joy , comfort , love and inspirations . I feel rested . It is like the salt of life and songs which have charm thats oozing out of every word . It is also like a good friend talking to you when you are down . It makes me have courage to go on full of spiritual faith in this troubled world !

I am never tired of reading the words of God . To me it is like drinking from a refreshing spring when one is so thirsty. And yet theres still space in my heart for other forms of good reading . I dont have to make room to fill in other parts of my daily life .They just blend into each other like milk into water .

The words of God never disappoint me ; I must say that people do ( bless them !   ) I know when I put my trust in Him above , all things will turn out well for me .

I am very thankful to God for this blessing .

Agatha Lai

Today , the weather is cold . It is drizzling outside . My thoughts are far away , to the garden outside . I know when I am not thinking then all my ideas will come tumbling . On the other hand , when I think hard , they are so illusive ; as if playing a game of hide and seek with me . Now I see , now I don't see , you know what I  mean .
Yes , to come back to today's topic . I have read the chapter and reread it ; this chapter about self  doubt . But I just closed that chaper and started writing ; because it is  my own idea that I try to catch .  I cannot echo  the writer's idea . I cannot  think like him . But I do  get some ideas from him , from  somewhere of how to write this topic.
What do  people do when they have self -doubt ? They may begin to have the negative feelings about themselves. Yes , for a child , it is as simple as that ;  he  gets  the answers from parents,There are also  his teachers , friends ,  elders and betters who can help out .But very often than not   he doesn't   get the right answers or  approach the right persons . His best friend may be a drug addict , a delinquent or a bad character .
That's when all  the problems come in , you have delinquent children , problem teenagers who can infleunce you more than good friends , teachers or religious people can . The adults too , need someone to talk to about their emotional problems ,their marriage life , financial  proiblems etc .
 Almost not many think of approaching God to solve their problems , or that is what I think .For the problems are kind of worldly and need   worldly solutions or experts' opinions on this and that .
However  , we are  lucky to be Christians for we can approach Our  Lord, Our Lady to help solve our problems , like David in Psalm 26 .
So I put my trust in the Lord .He will replace my insecurity with His supernatural peace . Feeding my faith will starve my doubts . ( Quoted }
Agatha Lai


Who do you say I am ?

If Jesus asked you this question ,
what will your answer be ? If Jesus
asked me this question I think I'll give
the same answer as Peter , " You are

Yes, Christ is God .The son of God.
Because I read it in St . John's Gospel
that when Jesus was baptized by
John the Baptist,he saw heaven open
and the spirit of God descend like
a dove, alighting on him and a voice from
heaven said, " This is my beloved son,
in whom I am well pleased ."

Jesus, time and again proved that he
is God,the Son, He performed many miracles.
He cured the sick and raised the death
to life. He changed water to wine and
fed 5000 people with only 5 loaves of
bread and 2 fishes.

He was born as a man to be close to us,
to be Our Saviour.In those days,he had
to teach the Jewish people the kingdom
of God. He chose Peter and the other
apostles to spread the faith . Luckily
for us , the good news is spread from
Israel to other countries then later
through the good and brave work of
missionaries , the faith is spread
to us.

His followers are called Christians,
after his name Christ . That's us.
We are Christians.And we are Catholics.

We are lucky to be the followers of
Christ. I give thanks and praise to God.


Agatha Lai