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My Sanctuary
Chang 0
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Once upon a time in China , there was a
very ambitious but cruel emperor. He had
many palaces. The one , where he was
staying , was the most luxurious one.

Everyday he ate sumptuous meals , dressed
in expensive silk gowns and had beautiful
concubines waiting on him .

In the palace, there was feasting, dancing
and singing , drinking , poetry recital
and chess playing , almost everyday .

One day , the emperor was bored. He disguised
himself as a commoner and ventured ouside the
palace .He saw so much unhappiness ; sick and
poor people, lonely and dying man and a
dead infant!


As soon as he reached the palace , he
called his wise men ,

" Search all over the kingdom for
the everlasting-life herb.
Don't come back without it or you'll be
beheaded. However , the one that finds
it will get a rich reward. "

Now , the whole country was agog.
People began to travel into the
farthest corner of the kingdom or
climb the highest mountain in their
search for the everlasting-life herb !

In the end , one poor peasant found the much
looked for herb . He brought it to the
emperor , who gave him a bag full of gold
coins , as a reward .

Now , there was a beautiful and
kind-hearted concubine called Chang-O .
She did not like the emperor's cruel and
greedy ways . If the emperor lived forever
the hundred-surnamed people would suffer !

So , one night , Chang O stealthily crept
into the emperor's chamber and stole the
everlasting-life herb.

" Thief ! thief ! " shouted the guard ,
rushing to her with a sword .

In her fright , Chang- O swallowed
the herb.

A miracle happened ! Her body began
to float ,.. higher , higher
and higher... .into
the sky.... .until she reached the moon..
There she remained for ever !

News spread very fast . People all knew how
brave Chang-O was .
Chang O , a brave and beautiful concubine ,
became a legendary name .

Many centuries later , a famous poet wrote,
" Chang-O regret stealing everlasting-life
herb ;
Nightly ,watching blue sea ,green
sky in loneliness "

By Agatha Lai
(Adapted from a Chinese legend )

The story of " Chang O Fly to Moon " tells us
that we cannot look for everlasting life here
on earth , however rich or powerful we are .
All men must die .
However , we can look for everlasting life
not on earth but in heaven if we follow the
" straight and narrow path here on earth " .