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My Sanctuary

Why Change ?

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Why do we want to change the world ?
Why does she need changes ?
Look around you:
Do you see trees cut down,
forests become  concrete jungles?
Do you see the disappearing greenness everywhere;
Rivers  polluted and species  of animals extinct
and our ozone layers are thinner?
Just look around you !
Why do we want to change the world ?
Why does she need changes?
Unless you don't see babies hungry and mothers sick.
Unless you don't see them tired and weak.
Why is half the world overfed
and the other half suffers from malnutrition?
Why not everybody equal and happy ?
Why not ?
Why do we want to change the world ?
Why does she need to be changed ?
If we  worship God,
why are there still  wars everywhere ?
Why ?
Don't we know God doesn't want us  to fight ?
That is something not right !
We can't pray and fight at the same time.
So let this song be heard. Let it chime.
Why do  we want to change the world  ?
So as our  world will remain as beautiful as it was in the beginning,
So that  human right is upheld,
and we die a natural death of old  age and even of sickness
and not sudden, unpredicted death;
So that  boys and girls know
what is right and what is wrong
and not follow the trend of the throng,
So that there's food on the table for everybody,
unjust treatments  befall nobody,
so that we see  beauty everywhere
in  kindness  shown here and there.