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My Sanctuary
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Life’s  Walk


God,  must I   walk along this path

to get to heaven where you are ?

Can't I take an easier path,

we can  frolic  and play guitar?


See, the orange sun is setting.

Birds are flying homeward.

Can’t I linger another moment

to savour the sun while it lasts ?


Lord,  must I walk along this path?

It's full of thorns and snares.

Isn’t there  another way,

an easier one,   I pray ?


God , you are  a shinning star;

  the azure sky is  your altar.

If I have two  wings  I will  fly

Towards heaven where you are.


Yes,  I am walking along this path

It  is not that difficult.

I am doing all that's right.

I hope I am learning fast.


I know, to get to You, 

I must finish my earth’s journey,

Endure  its trials and tribulations,

 trek through  snares and  pitfalls

 and suffer  life's  many illusions.


We are  strengthen,  when we endure the test.

You will guide us to do our best.

One day when life on earth is done,

We hope to  see the Father and the Son.


Agatha Lai






God is dwelling 
God is dwelling in my heart ;
I give my praises  to  Him.
Lord , please grant me grace
To love all people, every race.
God is dwelling in my heart ;
I take time to read,  to listen to Him .
His words touch my soul so deep ;
His commandments I always  keep.
God is dwelling in my heart.
I share with Him all my daily cares .
I open my eyes, my ears and my heart
His teachings , to me , a great  impart .
God is dwelling in my heart.
I sing with joy to Him
A new song to start each day ;
He  will guide me all the way !
By Agatha Lai