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My Sanctuary
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For the many sleepless nights you endure
When we were sick and insecure
For norishing and cherishing us all these years .
To give us happiness ,love and good cheer
For soothing our fears
And wiping away our tears
For the endless household chores you do
Like any mother has to go through ,
For being there when we need you
To advise and scold us , a word or two.
For all the cares and worries you've shown
Since we were small until we are grown.
For raising us to be what we are ;
So that we can stand on our feet thus far.
For the many sacrifices you made .
And  not  in your own dreams , you  wade .
Mother you are such a jewel !
Thanks for being my mother.

By Agatha Lai ..2002


These few years since you're gone,
To your heavenly rest
We've never really forgotten
How you toiled and slaved for us
To put food on the table,
To smile when the going was tough
To scold where scolding was due
At time you were so stern
At time you gathered us fern
To decorate our little stick hut
And pretended it was only a gift
From the nice lady next door
When I leave through pages of memories
Once more tears fill my eyes
Unrestrained I let them fall
Dad, you are the first man in my life
The first man I ever love
You are the best
Smile and be at rest
Though it's said , 'tis the
hand of a  woman that rocks the cradle
But Im happy you are the man
that stood beside the cradle
with mum
So my cradle is safe and warm
because of you Oh , Dad of mine 
I love you !

Agatha Lai 2001


The servant of the family,
 Always spins, cooks and toils ,
  Never tires....Never rests,
But us she never spoils,    ,
 Household chores to her but a  jest
The pillar of the family, 
Always by our side, to give us support
To give us confidence, To give us help.
Our light that shines on a rainy night,
 Her smile clothes us with sunshine ,
 Her dresses immaculate and divine
She's ........
.Our comfort in time of sickness,
Beside our bed  shes rooted,
 She sleeps not a wink, a wink,
Until morrow with us shes seated.
She's ....
The provider of the family,
She provides us with stability, 
fun and laughter, Constant
is the love she gives to us, 
  Toil and labour cannot weary .
She's my mom. Happy Mother's
        Mothers Day 2001