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My Sanctuary
Spring Cleaning
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Spring Cleaning

I think Ill do a bit of spring cleaning
too, right here at home .

I'll throw away my books on my childish
past and put on the shelf a Bible. Those
snacks that I like so much, I'll share
them with the neighbour kids and myself
stock my freeze with health food.

I am a potato coach . Most of the time I sit
in front of TV or laze round with a book. I'll
pull myself up and do a lot of exercise or go
back to my favourite indoor games again.

Those long forgotten friends whom I have put
behind my mind, will I round up for chats
once more.

Habits like long hours of shopping for
dresses, hats and goodies, Ill no longer
indulge in. In it's stead, I'll spend long
hours shopping for friendship, love, faith
in God, compassion for others etc.

I'll also not neglect my daily prayer,
prayer for mankind, peace ,lost souls,
unhappy and sick people. May God bring
them love and solicitude.

Looking around , I found a lot of
unwanted things such as, worry, jealousy,
hatred, gossip. These I'll not keep either.

Now my house is cleaner and neater, won't you
please step right in?

Agatha Lai 01