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New Zealand Trips
My Sanctuary

Just when the roses are fading , I come to Rose
Town again.The trees are still  green and the
grass  luster  but the roses are fading.
 Autumn's coming !
 It anounces its arrival by painting the landscape
different  shades of gold. When will nature change
 its garment completely? I muse to myself.
Strollling through the tree-lined streets  of the town,
 I lose  the excitement I once used to feel when I first
 came here,  a stranger in a strange land !
Very often I walk  to town alone.While strolling,
 I take  in the scenery,  enjoy  the cold air;
a change for us tropical birds .
The  cool weather of Autumn weather is good 
 for a  stroll but I still need an extra
jacket in the morning and good footwear that
 covers  the feet to prevent them from cracking
 and cream for my hands and face .
 As noon approaches , I  feel the heat stifle.
 It's  time to take off the jacket .
I remember  the description, " summer in the sunshine
and winter in the shade ". You experience all weathers
in one day as outdoor at night  is cold to us even
in Summer.
Later we discover  some nice gardens.
There we wile  away the whole of our morning
 sitting in the park of  green wilderness
 watching birds fly here and there
and  ducks swim in the pond.
Shopping is  another activity I love ; 
 Just to buy those cute little souvinirs ;
 post-cards,  dresses can   be  a treat. 
During weekends  my family and I go to some
weekly markets  near by. It's just like our tamu.
The only difference is that there are bands here
and singers sing  songs ,play music  that liven
up the place , giving it a romantic touch.
 Here you can get almost any  vegetables  we
 have back home. We buy  so much meat and
 fish ; enough to last   a few weeks.  
On the way to Hamiton, we pass sheep , cows
grazing on the vast meadows.Beautiful
roses , cherry trees and gardens  adorn the streets
and free road-side  parking .
Once in a while we are  invited to   some farm houses
 to enjoy the picturesque country- side and  its
spaciousness and to pluck apples .
However house work keeps me occupied
most of the time : helping with washing dishes
and cooking ; looking after my grand-daughter ,
 singing nursery rhymes  to her or watch her
 toddling round the house .
 If we like a change , there's always the   Chinese
fish 'n' chips take- away , den-sin at Chinese restaurants
to tantalise our taste buds . Other food-stuff that I
frequently eat  include  ice-cream, chocolate , bread
 with peanut-butter , salad and fresh apples.
My  other pass-time  includes  reading , surfing the net
 and attending church services in a beautiful old
wooden church near by.
Life that is not so hectic suits  me well.
The beauty of New Zealand enthralls me 
for   an earlier  future visit .
By Agatha Lai


From Malaysia we flew to this shore
of New Zealand, a  delightful  tour.
We enjoyed what we ate and liked  what  we saw ,
and  were kept busy travelling to and fro ,
roaming here and there and everywhere .
We had so much fun and  were not aware
of the passage of time. We were  under a spell ;
as  stunning scenery intoxicated us like ale.
Every new day brought  new discovery.
Its a pity we were in such a hurry !

We took in the hills and  lakes that shimmer
in  Spring , Autumn  and more so   in summer.
We saw  sheep and cows  in pastures green,
and  rare wild life. We now  know what sparkling waters mean .
Oft  we witnessed picturesque sunrises and sunsets,
or rushed past  quaint buildings with tall gates .

Besides visiting  museums , gardens , lakes and cave ,
 shopping made us spend what  money  we have !

So much for  activities , scenery , its beauty ,
We  are charmed by  people tall and friendly .
There's  Kathy who  gave me  some  books of Sphere,

a  monthly  publication of St. Patrick's Church , there.

I know I shall visit this land again some day .
Its ten hours of flight  away ; its not out of the way !

Agatha Lai 02