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My Sanctuary
A Tough Job
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A Tough Job
Talking about washing dishes ,I really have to say it is a job I abhor .
 I may cook so  many dishes ; prepare , cook , garnish and serve , but
to do the dishes again after all  these are through  would be the last
 straw  . I simply am  not willing to do that. That is somebody else's job.
As far as I am concerned I have done my part of the drudgery  .

But I have a very interesting experience which I 'll share with you all;
 how after that  experience I find washing dishes a novelty.

All you have to do is to get involved in a real big project . Let's call it
 Project Intensive  X ; to  be completed in a few days in full swing.

Project X is a real exhausting job which requires total concentration ,
physical involvement , accuracy and follow a tight schedule.

I was put on such a project . Believe me I didn't do it for fun! The first
 day over ; found me at night practically dead on my feet and had to
scramble into my bed without dinner .  So exhausted I was I didn't even
feel the pants of hunger. I soon fell into a dreamless sleep .

The next day , I had to get up and be 'at it' again even though my body
 ached all over and my limbs refused to follow my order. The third day
came . I braced myself for the kill.

I did it !  The sensations of triumph was so overwhelming  I even
forgot my fatigue .

On top of that was the feeling that , " Ok , it's finally all over and
 I did it again . '  I let a smug smile adorn  my tired face .

When the project was over , I felt almost ill . No kidding ! I was as
 bad as that . So I took  a few days off from work to rest myself back
to health. And why not , I had earned it , and they knew it !

During those few days at home , life was simply  a bliss  . There's
nothing like lying in bed refusing to barge  an inch even when it  was
time to cook, wash or eat . Just relaxed ! Switching  off TV , computer
,radio . I listened to the birds chirping outside and the wind rustling 
 against the leaves , or  cars passing by . A total  relaxation
of mind and body .

As for doing the dishes ; no big deal . It's an enjoyment to feel the
 water running  through your hands and watching  the dishes washed
clean one by one , compared to those tough moments  of intense
concentrations of will power and physical agility while facing the
 opponent ,  when a minute seemed like an eternity . After that
 tough  job , nothing can beat me again. Not even washing dishes.

In our life , we have to go through something real tough to be able
to appreciate  the ordinary drudgery in life .Whatever you do pale
 into insignificance after the ordeal. But it will be a long long time
when you dream of getting involved in another similar project.
Agatha Lai 2001