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My Sanctuary
Stolen Moments
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Stolen Moment

It's a long time I visited the wilderness
at the back of my house. I always have a lot
to do .Besides the house-hold chores,I have
to do shopping and gardening. I spend a lot
of time at the internet too.

Today,the weather is just fine. There is a
breeze too and making such a journey

I took my walk down a grassy path.
I won't be gone for more than an hour,
I told myself. I'll be back to work at
my unfinished poem.

My hesitant steps took me outside my house.
I breathed in the air and busy took in the
greens around me. A rustling in the leaves
made me pause and wonder what was hidden
from view. I kneeled down and spotted a
tiny insect, bright red in color creeping
away at the approach of my steps. I wanted
very much to say hello to it , but I felt
it liked to be left alone.

I ran to the edge of some trees.The
scent of a warm , tropical wild garden
wafted to me as the gentle breeze blew.
I greeted the wilderness with a big

How good this all is ! My worldly cares
and worries vanish.God must be somewhere
very near. I am very sure.

Agatha Lai