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My Sanctuary
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To come back to the topic life , we know so much about life what do we know about death . As Confucius once said ," If we don't know much about life why talk about death ." It seems that Confucious encouraged people to probe into the mystery of life rather than death . If we don't understand much about life why do we go into another bigger mystery ..death .

 To some extend I agree with him . But then a long time has passed since Confucius' time . Yes , I too have read about a third dimension we accidentally enter that is not of this world written by many Chinese novelists ( You see , I read most of the time in Chinese ) one of whom is AU WANG .

Au Wang likes to write about how some times certain of his characters entered into a space called the third dimension and some how from there he still could come into contact with the outside people but then the outside people could not contact him .

In one particular story , one of his characters had to travel in to the different space of time and found himself stranded there and could not come back . Only then he felt he really missed his own time zone . But then I merely consider it fictionally .

 Like you , I too suspect that there might be the existence of some higher forms of life lurking somewhere in the universe apart from ours here on earth . The very thought of that excites me . May be that is due to too many films and books of these sorts.


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Hello , how's everybody ?