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My Sanctuary
Juliet's Poems
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The waves are noisy fingers
busy sketching their thoughts
tickling the sand

bubbling with a delight that
revealed secret shells
curiously coloured

[Ode To My Family]

I love my father.
His silent love for me runs deeper than the ocean,
But its presence undeniably felt.

His quiet strength accompanies my spirit's journey,
Nuturing as first rays of morning sun...

I love my father,
Whose wisdom is closely knitted in my essence,
Life's lessons,
Patiently taught with poignant clarity.

I love my mother.
Her sweet softness veils my entire being,
Gently healing,
Scars accumulated in a day.

Her simple yet fierce love for me,
Given unconditionally,
Fills my heart with quiet joy...

I love my mother,
Whose nearness lingers by my side,
Soothing as moonlight,
A solace during my pensive moments.

I love my brother.
His contentment, his joy, his happiness,
Instantly infectious,
Brings upon my face a smile...

His heartache, his anger, his pain,
Falls like searing rain,
As I try to shoulder his burden.

I love my brother,
Whose flesh, whose veins, whose skin,
Deeply burns in,
The same blood. The same nature.

I love them all with simplicity,
With a certain fierceness, deeply tender.
I love them all completely,
With no doubts, with no conditions, with no fear.
And surely as the stars shine nightly,
I will love them forever.

By Juliet Lai